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Thursday, December 27, 2012

A blogger's nightmare . . .

I managed not only to crash the "new" blog at -- I also deleted virtually all of the blog's content and (to make things really bad), the backup system failed.

This means about three years of blogging history have gone "poof" along with relevant hyperlinks and other stuff.

All is not completely lost.  This "old" blog remains in operation, and while we cannot recover the links and content (at least unless I can get some exceptional technical help and have extreme luck), there is room for continuity here -- and behind the scenes, I'll be working on rebuilding the other blog site.

In the meantime, if you end up in an endless loop looking for something that is no more, you can try emailing me and I might be able to recover the relevant files or documents for you.  No guarantees, unfortunately.

(Fortunately this disaster doesn't impede the business's other sites and projects, which remain in place.)


Tom Murphy said...


Sorry to hear of your technical issues. On the bright side, marketing is all about continuously changing and providing fresh and relevant content. Things that may have worked in the past, are not guaranteed to work in the future.


Kip de Moll said...

Defrinitely a tach challenge around presenting all this knowledge, but the internet allows us to "go with the flow" and you will most likely build it back bigger and better! Hang in there.

Construction Marketing Ideas said...

Tom and Kip, thanks for your comments. It will take a while to reorganize things -- and some stuff is now gone for good -- but I'll maintain this site as I plan a more robust rebuild.

Construction Marketing Ideas said...
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