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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Blog recovery progress update

The new Construction Marketing Ideas blog template is taking shape and most core elements have been added. Still need to do some tweaking before launching, but may have been saved (at least in part) by . . . Google cache.

Lots of the old postings are cached. I for example recovered the blog listing directory. Images are a problem, though, and manually uploading and reinstalling the cache would be a truly massive job (and not really a wise thing for someone who has to oversee a real operating business!)

However, there may be some good news here, as well. It seems someone has developed an automated script on a program called Python. I am certainly not a web programmer, but I also know how to source inexpensive programming talent offshore. (Won't announce the specific details because of political sensitivities, but I'm currently paying someone in Bangladesh $1.00 an hour for some development work!)

Target date to "officially" launch the new is still Jan 2. You may catch some sneak previews as I work through the process.

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