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Monday, June 30, 2008

Signs on your truck

TileLady in Harriman, NY reports in "My husband lettered my trailer for me and it definitely gets me business. Once I purposely left my trailer in a parking lot and the next day I got a call and got a job out of it. Also whenever I'm at Home Cheapo with my trailer, people frequently walk over to me and ask me for estimates, etc. I'm not really concerned about road rage. I drive carefully and if somebody wants to pass me, more power to them!Lettering my trailer was one of the best things I've ever done!"

This thread addresses the question: Should you 'sign' your vehicle -- and if so, how.

The consensus is "yes", both for direct inquiries and as a branding strategy -- people who see your well-organized truck will be more receptive to speaking with you for business.

But there are some cautions and exceptions noted:

  • You need to watch out for road rage and you (or your drivers) had better be careful and sensitive or you will hear from them -- or the police!
  • If you wish to park your truck at home in a residential area where business vehicles are restricted, watch out for the parking and zoning bylaws!
Probably, it is worthwhile to think carefully about this stuff -- incorporating it within your overall theme and marketing strategies.

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