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Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Construction Exchange

One of the most interesting aspects of The Construction Exchange is its member-generated image library. Brad Torres writes:: "The Bagger 288 built by the German company Krupp is used for strip mining operations. It is 312' tall, 705' long and weighs over 13,500 tons. This piece of equipment comes with a price tag of 100 million and a 10 year lead time (five years to design and five years to assemble). The most amazing thing about it though is that it only requires 5 people to operate according to the article that I read. It also has the capability of removing over 240,000 tons of material each day."

Bobby Darnell referenced me to a site worthy of permalinking in the special place for forums and relevant sites -- The Construction Exchange ( Lots of interesting information here, including connections, images, and even jokes.

A news article in the Santa Rosa, CA Press-Democrat observes:

The niche social networking site, which beta launched in August, is the brainchild of Santa Rosa-based Western Water Constructors, a 49-year-old construction company specializing in water treatment plants.

While construction companies aren't known for launching Internet start ups, its 33-year-old vice president and 28-year-old IT director had a vision.

"We wanted something that catered to our industry," said Josh McGarva, vice president of Western Water. "Our industry is known for being overly competitive. We wanted a place where people could share ideas, and be more collaborative."

This site certainly is worthy of a permalink.

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