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Sunday, February 22, 2009

The video experment (2)

This video is created with an inexpensive camera and Apple's iMovie application. I could edit out some glaring errors and the image quality is far better than my first video, Construction Marketing Ideas -- Do what you love doing -- but this material is far from ready for prime time, yet.

My second video: Construction Marketing Ideas -- Your current and former clients, outlines the most effective and rewarding marketing approach -- creative follow-up with your current and former clients.

This work is hardly professional standard yet; I'm still learning the editing and production tools and how to integrate the camera and messages. Notably I needed to spend several hours replacing versions with rather glaring errors and problems, and encountered crashes within the youtube uploading process.

An attempt to simulcast the video with a live broadcast yesterday morning on failed (though you would only know of this attempt if you are one of two or three people following my Twitter account, another experiment).

These initiatives aren't ready for prime time. However, the experimentation here is providing clues about new resources and capacities for construction marketing at truly low cost.

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