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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Look at this posting from CF Construction and Remodeling Inc. in Miami, Florida, and if you can't see something that you can apply to your own business, you must be rather dense!

We've tried this approach, and continue doing so. The people in which we target when we do things like this are mostly architects and doctors. I go online and go to the website of local hospitals. When I'm there, I pull up their doctor directory, and basically that's where my work starts. We do this with doctors because in the past we've discovered that some of them are in the process of leaving the hospital to start their own practice. Obviously, the area that they will use to conduct their business will need some extensive interior remodeling, in which will require the services of a licensed and insured General Contractor to ensure that the process is as smooth and painless as possible. This approach in the past has worked and has helped us get several big projects. We recently completed offices of neurologists, cardiologists, and a doctor who does endoscopy.

In addition to our construction related services, we also offer expediting services (running permits/plans to the corresponding cities). This is how we approach architects when we mail them. We offer our expediting services to them and you'd be surprised how many of them do it themselves and are willing to hire others to do that for them. The thinking behind this, which again has resulted to be true because we've won several projects because of it it's because at times architects are working on plans for a client whom at the moment has just completed the "design phase" of their project and don't have a G.C. to turn too. By offering our expediting services to these architects, we've basically put our "foot in the door" with their firm. We make them aware that we're a licensed and insured General Contracting company and that our service are available to them or their clients at any time, in which that's when the doors open for us. I basically do Google searches to see architectural firms within the South Florida area to target. From time to time I also purchase those Architect Digest magazines because obviously many of them advertise there.

In the past we've targeted interior designers/decorators, but the outcome hasn't been that favorable. We've probably landed a couple of jobs from them which is still good so from time to time we still target them, but not as heavily as the other two.

Another group of people we target are luxury hotels, restaurants, spas, lounges and nightclubs. Again, being that this is Miami, many of these establishments are constantly doing upgrades in their facilities for an updated look and to compete with others. I've also sent out letters to management in luxury condominiums, which in return have referred some of their new buyers to us to help them out with whatever remodeling idea(s) they may have.

This is a very good approach and quite inexpensive compared to other choices out there. The key is knowing how to approach all these prospects. Approach them wrongly and you've just closed an opportunity for you and your company.
I like the website from this company, owned by Claudio Fernandez. See

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John Poole said...

I think I may use that idea for general contracting services. Running plans is a great way to get your foot in the door. Offering CAD services may be another good idea.