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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Time and place shifting

This construction image of the Olympic Village site is from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. See: Vancouver approves $100M bailout for Olympic developer.

Yesterday, our family visited Science World near the Olympic Village site in Vancouver. As we enjoyed our White Spot meal there, we could see the construction site for the 2010 Winter Olympic Village outside the window. Caught in the financial crisis, the city has had to approve a $100 million bailout for the Olympic developer -- ultimately creating true budget risks and challenges.

If you look at things superficially, of course, you see construction continuing on the site, and and elsewhere in the city, and indeed things are nowhere as desperate as in the Dirty Thirties.

Vacation (especially over a long weekend) changes the work-time rules. The computer with high speed connections in my mother's place is in the room where our son sleeps, and family time is not best spent with a blackberry tethered to my hand. So I catch up during morning sessions at a nearby Starbucks while the family sleeps (and regular business hours have commenced in the East.)

In a few minutes, I will distribute online versions of our April issues to readers in Ontario and North Carolina.

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