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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Stress and optimism

It is good to blog, to be open, and to share with readers the heart and soul of this business. But some internal business issues should not be public -- at least when they are current and uncertain.

Certainly, this vacation, I've been very busy reviewing crucial concerns and even fending off a panic attack or two. This is the nature of the self-employed person's lifestyle; we experience stress of a different sort than the regular employee (who might worry about losing his or her job but doesn't generally have to spend vacation evenings pouring over financial reports). The difference is that I have more control over the outcome; I can make decisions and respond to the situation creatively, and this morning, I could see things are under control.

Construction marketing, always, needs to be seen in the light of your entire business; you cannot market in isolation of your circumstances. The good news is that you can manage, project, and even control your results with a little foresight, planning, and cautious optimism.


Matt Handal said...


Its nice to see things from the perspective of a business owner. Worker bees like myself often forget that the concerns of the boss are many.

Construction Marketing Ideas said...

Matt. thanks for these observations.
An interesting observation relevant in the 'sales' side of the marketing equation is the mind-set of owner decision-makers and how it differs from employees with delegated authority.
Owners of course have to look at the entire picture and (hopefully) keep things in a long range perceptive, but we can be guilty of self-serving behaviors as well.