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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Inquiries, inquiries

This blog attracts some intriguing and surprising calls. Today, someone in Trinidad called for my marketing advice. I tried, in the brief conversation, to help, but realistically I am not familiar with local market conditions on the Caribbean island. The call relates perhaps to the sidebar box on this blog which invites these calls -- I haven't posted a similar offer on the current blog at

However, I also received another call, from a representative of the Construction Writers Association, inviting me to write an article on blogging for their upcoming newsletter. This, I will be happy to oblige, and in fact will provide them with a link on the current active blog site when I update it tomorrow morning.

Please remember that daily construction marketing ideas posting entries are intended to maintain this blog's status within search engines until reaches second place on the search engines. If you want to read substantial stuff rather than placeholder content, please bookmark to the new site, and if you have links set, reference it instead of this blog (which ultimately I will maintain for archives only).

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