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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Making choices

Today, I received an affiliate marketing proposal from someone who undoubtedly discovered me (and this construction marketing ideas blog) because of its relatively high search engine rankings. I've decided to keep an open mind to all proposals so will review it, but a tinge of wariness remains: Which products and services should you associate with, and which should you avoid? Can you harm your primary brand by engaging in businesses and relationships which do not match this business's core style and approach? Can you be too "stuck up" and unwilling to listen, to change? (That is a dig at myself).

Readers here -- and the people every day who are trying to post comments to this blog -- should realize that the heart and soul of the Construction Marketing Ideas blog is no longer on this site, but I will find a way to post daily here until the "real" blog reaches second spot on the search engine rankings.

As for the commenters, I know you are trying to win search engine ranking points rather than sincerely comment on postings here because, if you really cared about the content, you wouldn't be commenting on this blog! (With allowance for the archived postings, some of which are quite useful, of course.)

It is a wasted effort. Even if I posted the comments -- and I won't -- you would still be hit by the 'no follow' rule.

Why not make a useful site, or comment with sincerity without worrying about the site's search engine status?

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