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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another clue in the Change Order boat mystery

From the home page of
Yesterday, a reader provided a tantalizing clue that may, for once and all, solve the Change Order boat mystery.

The image of the large yacht marked "change order" moored next to a dinghy named "original contract" has been circulating for several years in architectural, engineering and construction offices.  Individuals who see the image often try to Google the results and almost inevitably arrive at one of my postings on this topic.

Yesterday afternoon, a reader pointed out in an email to me that the image appears in a rotating cycle (number 3 if you click the little buttons) on the home page of 

Certainly the business is relevant to the industry and the people involved in this company conceivably could afford -- and want -- to own a boat named Change Order.

Skire, based in Menlo Park CA, says its executive team started and rose through the ranks at Betchel before establishing Quaser Services Ltd., a design and build construction firm.  The San Jose Business Journal reports that Skire founder and CEO Massy Mehdipour discovered "an opportunity to create software to help companies like ours streamline their business processes" through software and technology.

"Everything we did when we were designing and building, I saw no reason why it couldn’t be managed more efficiently with an application platform," the business newspaper reports Mehdipour as saying.

Skire has grown to a thriving $25+ million business since Mehdipour bought out her original venture capital investors.  The business has discovered its best market is among large scale owners, managing diverse and complex projects.

It seems a business like this would not resort to images "lifted" from the web for its home page.

I called Skire and the receptionist referred me to the company's marketing manager, where I left a voice mail.  Before transferring the call, the receptionist said, "I don't know about the boat, but we own the plane."  Yes, there is a private jet in another image.

Besides the phone message, I have sent an email to the address given for press inquiries to Skire.  Maybe, once and for all, we will resolve this mystery conclusively.  Stay tuned.

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