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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Construction Marketing Ideas video experiment -- an update

Yesterday's Construction Marketing Ideas video broadcast again attracted an audience of, well half a person.  One of my company's employees tuned in but he noticed something I've seen at my end -- there are times when you can hear the audio but see only the "book cover" image on the video screen. 

Conversely, for the first time on my own console, I could actually see the video (with a few seconds time delay) live as it should appear.  I'm not sure if, in practice, I would have been the only person who could view the video as the viewership numbers indicate only I and the employee were online.

The experiment continues, of course.  The $100.00 podcast kit which I had ordered last week arrived in time and set up only took a few minutes.  Even though I had part of the video lighting set -- the replacement bulb for the large halogen light hasn't arrived yet -- the lighting seemed quite reasonable.

I found I had, once again, underestimated the time needed to deliver the planned material.  This may be because I haven't thought through the effective use of my video time.  It also speaks to the importance of rehearsing for timing ahead of any live presentation.  You can go short or long if you aren't careful and fail to test out your material properly.

If you visit the Livestream video site you'll see the raw videos from the experimental broadcasts, at least for now.  They'll be removed by the time the experiment reaches the stage when we have real viewers and certainly when the learning progress has reached the stage that I feel confident enough about my skills to encourage you to visit other than through the updates in this blog.

Why am I doing this?  Well, I truly think we are approaching the stage where any marketer in the construction industry needs to be comfortable or at least familiar with the basics of multimedia.  My sense is that video -- and possibly in some circumstances -- live video -- can be a truly effective marketing resource.

Of course you are welcome to bookmark and plan a visit to the next experimental broadcast, at 2 p.m. on February 3.  I'll discuss some of the practical aspects of blogging then.

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