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Monday, January 08, 2007

Networking and Netweaving

Bot Littel of Atlanta developed the concept and coined the word "Netweaving", essentially, a high level form of networking where you put your own interests aside to focus on connecting the dots for the benefit of others.

This passage from the site gives a succinct idea of the concept.

NetWeaver: Have you ever heard the term
Usually the response will be "no" (at least for the near future).
NetWeaver: "NetWeaving is a take-off on the word, networking. Traditional networking tends to focus on, ‘ Capitalizing on your network of friends, business associates, and centers of influence in order to generate more business for yourself’ There’s certainly nothing wrong with this and everyone needs more business, but NetWeaving is a form of networking which looks for ways to put OTHER people together in win-win relationships, or to supply them with resources they need. Some of these favorable matchups and other favors will come back to benefit the NetWeaver – and sometimes in very spectacular ways - but that’s not their motivation." Often, the first response from the other person will be something like:
"What a great word. . .or, I’ve done a lot of that in my time." It’s also good at this point if you can encourage the other person to talk about a situation in which he or
she acted as a "NetWeaver" because it will help reinforce the concept in their subconscious.

I haven't had the opportunity (yet) to attend a formal Netweaving event, but reports from people who have been to these kinds of events -- or better yet, organized them -- tell me that this is the way to really do the networking thing properly.

In practice, I'm something of a social wallflower and networking events are downright uncomfortable (it is easier by far for me to contribute by writing) -- but if you are socially more comfortable, or want to make a real effort to be a great at 'networking' I would definitely review Mr. Littel's ideas more closely.

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