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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Starting the marketing book

Tomorrow morning I will start writing my book on construction marketing. Book writing is something new to me -- I've written dozens of articles and investigated many stories over the years, but have never put things together into a book.

I realize the best way to get this work done is to allocate a clear hour per day for it. The first draft should be ready within a few weeks; then I can flush out the elements requiring additional research, and go back to it again; before inviting a small team of reviewers/editors to look it over.

One of the biggest challenges in writing this book, I think, will be the fact that the industry has many different components and the marketing needs and concerns of different types of business differ. Clearly a small local subcontract has different concerns than the marketing specialist at a big multinational architect. Nevertheless, the interdisciplinary nature of the industry suggests that a cohesive book pulling together some basic threads and concepts will still be useful.

* * *

As I work on the book, our business will resolve the recruitment issue. Last night, I saw a possible answer to the problem. We had been experimenting with a variety of messages; recruiting part-timers, telemarketers, and so on. But there are indications that people looking for opportunities indeed are seeking full-time employment; and if we phrase things properly, I'm confident we will find the right person soon (hopefully within a few weeks.)

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