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Friday, March 30, 2007

Having fun

If at the end of each day you've felt satisfaction, enjoyment, and joy, then you have found the essence of success. Life is more than money and material stuff. Undoubtedly that is important, but what really counts is how you feel at the end of the day.

We all have our own thing. I am really into writing, business and learning about effective marketing. It is an adventure, and it is why -- after some real roller coaster ups and downs -- we are embarking on some great achievements.

This blogger works for us on a modest but important contract. She keys in building permit data for our printed publications in Ottawa and Toronto (you can't see this data on the web, at least yet). I can't say it is the most glamorous or important task, and it may be one where we could save a few dollars by sourcing it offshore. But I won't deny or disrespect her passion, which has obviously nothing to do with the topic at hand.

Senior members of the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS), who have passion and love for their work, tell me that many people join the association's local chapters, only to drop out after a year or two. Possibly the members have discovered that the construction marketing world is not really their passion -- if so, they made the right decision.

If you are young, you don't want to end up in later life with a job you hate, because you 'have to make money' -- waiting perhaps for a pension or a rather impoverished retirement. (And if you are older, and your health is still good, take heed -- and do something right away to find enjoyment in your life).

I realize that I may belong to a fortunate minority but the fact remains you can also combine enjoyment and experience with success. Just look inside yourself, find your passion, and make it happen . . . even if you may need to do some work (like my horse-loving contractor) just to pay the bills.

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