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Monday, July 30, 2007

Hilti's free lunch
BtoB, a marketing trade magazine, reports on Hilti's "Grassroots efforts to drive preference." The article note that Hilti's problem with the trades was that was perceived as a high-end product; and the construction tools manufacturer sought to let the people who actually use the tools see that they are good for "everyday jobs".
Since the users of these tools are the actual tradespeople, they don't spend too much time reading trade journals or visiting the trade shows, their marketing agency Nicholson Kovac decided.
Research showed that the contractors wanted to see real people in real settings, not staged images.
"Hilti sponsored lunch trucks that served breakfast and lunch at key construction job sites, had Hilti "ambassadors"hand out Hilti-branded water bottles at the sites and hosted National Contractor Days -- complete with radio remote broadcasts and Hilti giveaways -- at local Home Depot stores," the magazine reported.
The magazine did not report on the campaign's cost, but the agency reported a significant increase in business preference -- the agency claims it increased to 28 per cent from 8 per cent, and "11 per cent of new customers said their campaign influenced their decision to buy Hilti tools."
I'm not sure, but suspect the free breakfasts and lunches carried a lot of weight here.

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