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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Visualization and marketing

Key in "visualization" or "creative visualization" on the Google search engine, and you'll see an incredibly long collection of commercial sites promoting the perspective that you can visualize what you want to be.

These concepts trend in the world of spirituality -- using affirmations, 'positive self talk', mantras, and forming imagery in your own mind of what you want to be, takes you ultimately to your dreams.

Often proponents of creative visualization cite their own personal examples, and in the first draft of this blog entry, I started doing just that. The trouble is, when you start telling your own creative visualization success stories, you risk sounding like someone pushing their religion on others.

In any case, despite the pop-psychology hype associated with creative visualization (and my own experiences) I know only one person who truly applied these methodologies effectively. He had been a bankruptcy lawyer, but wanted to be a published author with an appearance on Oprah, and become a judge. Stanley Kershman and I attended a speech by Wayne Dyer (The Power of Intention) and occasionally we mused on the: "If you believe enough it will be" stuff. His book, "Put your debt on a diet" was published by Wiley in Canada, and last year, he was appointed as a superior court judge.

The question is, outside of the obvious marketing materials promoting this program or that one to achieve your dreams, can you effectively use creative visualization techniques to propel your career and marketing objectives?

Yes, if you frame the visualization with something much more important -- your own passion and drive. If in your heart something is very important, it can happen (within reason -- I'm sure that psychology and self-will are important but I wouldn't lose touch with grounded reality in implementing anything here.) So, yes, visualization -- coupled with a healthy dose of self responsibility and passion -- are important to your marketing success. Just remember, however, that ultimately you have to take action to make it happen.

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