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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The name of the boat is "Change Order" and the name of the dinghy is "Original Contract".

Who paid for the boat?
I discovered this image by visiting the leads service and its Contractor Update blog. Ryan at architecture.mmp tracked down the photo (and Ryan's blog is an impressive resource for architects, though it appears focused more on design than marketing issues). has the friendliest and most positive interface I've seen yet in lead referral services. Only trouble is, while I'm receiving their weekly newsletter/update (well designed, certainly not spam!) there are no leads showing for my selected market areas and categories. (I chose certain areas of North Carolina and cast a wide enough net that there 'should' be some worthy leads/projects in these regions.)

This shows one of the most interesting paradoxes of marketing. If you do everything right, impression wise, but have nothing to sell, you will sell nothing. And, as the dinghy/boat image reveals, sometimes the real money is not in the sale but what happens after you receive the order!

P.S. may be more effective for residential rather than B to B or commercial projects (the leads I am seeking) -- in this sector they face entrenched competition from well-established leads resources such as the inexpensive and comprehensive McGraw-Hill E-leads service.

Note: See this posting from March 24, 2009, where the original photographer reports he took the image while in Vermillion, Ohio in late July 2007.


Anonymous said...

We've been strong in residential for several years now, and commercial is still very new to us. Also, we're in the midst of updating our site, adding video, increasing publicity, and developing business to increase job leads for both.

We've just added a free contractor directory as well, so you may start receiving some calls, too.

We're growing every year and we plan to keep up the friendly interface (thanks, by the way!)

Anonymous said...

And I just checked your account and there is one new commercial architectural lead. They've only had one response. Check it out.

Unknown said...

I believe this picture was taken on the Mystic river in Mystic, CT