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Friday, September 14, 2007

Strengths and weaknesses

I found this gem of a posting, Management Matters by Mike Myatt: Should You Play to Strengths or Shore Up Weaknesses?, in a roundabout way after receiving a Google Alerts reference to this blog's Technocati listing. There, I noticed that Multi-Housing News had permalinked us on its "Out and About" Blog. This blog meets the criteria for permalinking on our site as well, so will be added to the list. (The guidelines for permalink are that it must be a blog and directly relevant to AEC marketing).
Somewhat intrigued by the source of the "Out and About" blog, I removed the suffix to the blog URL and discovered Myatt's apparently very new blog, assuming it isn't auto dated so it always shows a recent date, and has only one entry.
But the posting is still inspired, because it really looks at the issue of prioritizing what we should focus our energies on. It ties back to Marcus Buckingham's book "The One Thing You Need to Know" and his argument that we should really focus on our strengths and not weaknesses (see my previous posting on his influential book.)
Myatt takes this thought further and suggests that indeed focusing on weaknesses is vitally important when overcoming the weakness is essential to resolve a barrier that is blocking your achieving your strengths. In other words, if you are an executive and have poor communications or interpersonal skills, you will need to work on the weakness even though it is hard -- but if your administrative skills are poor, why bother; you can always delegate these tasks to other employees.
Good stuff, indeed. But who is Mike Myatt, and how does this intriguing one-off posting find its way to the web? Googling the name, we find he is chief strategy officer of N2Growth. My guess is this blog is a hidden thing part of a search engine optimization strategy. However, it is still a truly useful posting.

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