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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

About social networking and construction marketing

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Here is a link to my article for The SMPS Marketer about Social Networking. I wrote "Social Networking for Marketers: Where it stands now" in December for publication in the February issue, and a fair bit of change has occurred since then.

First, just as I received the advance copy of the printed article last month, Chase in St. Catharines decided to set up Facebook pages for our various Canadian publications. These sites (plus communications with our clients about the Marketer article) resulted in some worthy leads (and some flaky calls).

I can't say that social networking sites are at the core of our current marketing initiatives, but they have an important place in the future of marketing, and the industry, and if you aren't using these resources, you should begin to understand them.

Meanwhile, in preparation for a week's vacation in Mexico beginning this Friday, I've been boning up on Internet telephony and video link capacities. The place we are staying at has high speed Internet, but cellular roaming charges are really high. And I do not wish to lose touch with or connection to the business back at home. So, for less than $100 for a year's service:
  • I set up a Skype phone number, with a 919 (Raleigh, North Carolina) area code that will ring to my computer-phone in Mexico;

  • I signed up for the broadcast video service offered by which allows you viewers to join in the conversation through an instant messaging function. Our designer Raymond Levielle suggests an alternative, referenced here,, which can allow up to four distant people to participate via video link.
The result of this is that, coupled with our regular teleconferencing systems, employees and I should be able to communicate effectively and inexpensively while I am a few thousand miles away. And of course I will continue blogging.

BTW, if you wish to visit and become "friends" here are some of our Facebook sites.
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