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Friday, March 28, 2008

A wake up call

This thread is an eye-opener. A contractor gets his license -- and his phone starts ringing, not from customers, of course, but from people trying to sell leads services, advertising and other stuff. He faces the very real problem of a new business with visible contact information -- he is subject to inbound solicitation calls; promising far more than delivering.

Before I even knew that I was issued my contractors license my phone blew up!

All the yellow books had my number and they all wanted my business yet none of them wanted my services just my money.... all of them promised to give me more leads that I could handle a couple of them had good sniper tactics but when I asked them to give me references of the gc that used them to the conversation quickly changed.

I also thought about a online lead service and thank god I found this site!

Unfortunately I filled out a few app for some of them and my phone won't stop ringing. I knew that the construction industry was slow but I think the advertising sales must be hurting really bad.

They won't give up. I don't want to answer the phone anymore to someone trying to sell me their services -- I want someone to hire me for mine.

I found this site not a second to late (as) I almost signed up for (a leads service). Thanks to the info that's here I was able to ask all the right questions that otherwise I wouldn't have asked am as green as they come and thanks to y'all I believe I just saved my self some cash and a hellish headache! Thanks a million............

If you are just starting out and lucked onto this blog, take a deep breath and read the entries here and the hyperlinked forums. Oh yes, we sell advertising in some markets but do our best to ensure the advertising is appropriate and coupled with enough service to ensure true value.

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