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Monday, March 10, 2008

The Four Point Program (2)

The contractor using the four point self discipline program says he learned it from Jeffrey Fox.

On February 23, I noticed an intriguing post on the Journal of Light Construction forum, and posted a reference to it here: The Four Point Program. I (as usual) also sent an email to the person who initiated the post, to learn more.

Here is the original email and response. It is as worthy as reading as the original post if you are looking for a simple, yet effective self-discipline strategy to manage your time and sales/marketing goals.

Could you elaborate how long you've been using the methodology and how effective it is?

Sorry I didn't get with you sooner. I just realized I had a message.

Regarding your question I've used this method since I first read the book Rain Maker (I can't take credit for developing this myself). Editor's note: I believe the book he is referring to is How to Become a Rainmaker by Jeffrey Fox. It turns what sometimes is an overwhelming day to day chore and makes a game out of it.

What's even better than making like a game is the fact that it works. I attribute that to a couple of things:

1) This system keeps consistency. I have a goal of four points four that day and I have to get it.

2) Points don't carry over so I have to start new every day. Just because I nailed two contract down and got 8 points doesn't mean I get to take a day off from marketing.

3) I give myself credit for the small things like getting a lead. If I'm running out of time and need the points I make it a point to ask people "who do you know that is looking to have any sort of remodeling work done?"

4) It encourages me to work people through the funnel. Again, if I'm needing the points and I have already got one point off this guy for getting the lead, then why not score two more by talking with the decision maker or three more for getting the appointment. Or better yet, let's follow up and nail down that deal with the couple we met with last week and get a contract. I use this system to also help me track where someone is located in the funnel.

Here's the really cool part about it. You don't have to use four points (four just happens to work fairly well for me). When business is slow and you need a shot in the arm, you may want to use six, seven or eight points. When you have more work than you know what to do with then you might be alright to drop it to two or three. Personally I like to just keep it at four because that keeps the consistency and prevents me from having roller coaster months where I'm slammed then nothing, then slammed, then nothing.

I hope this helps some, but again, I give all credit to Jeffery Fox and his book Rain Maker (a must read for any business professional).

I wish I could identify the original poster and provide a direct hyperlink to his website, but I don'thave that information yet -- our communication has been though the anonymous JLC Forum email system. But I can post a reference to the book he recommends, and hyperlink it (and yes, I think will send me a four per cent commission if you order the book through this link.

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