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Monday, April 07, 2008

The planning meeting

In about an hour, I 'll drive to the hotel to pick up the three out-of-town employees to drive them downtown for our bi-annual planning meeting. The agenda is set; but everyone at the meeting (not me!) will define the business direction going forward. Of course I have some ideas about what is right and what will work, and won't, and clearly have final authority, but realize that using this purported power arbitrarily will not really work.
In some respects, today's meeting troubles my sensitivities -- we should as a business, i think, be focused much more on our clients and marketplace than internal reviews. It is expensive to bring everyone here -- and today, without back up support employees, the phones will not be answered in a timely manner, and our clients will receive less-than-ideal service.
Nevertheless, I appreciate more than ever before that most truly successful businesses, especially organizations which seek to empower employees, consider these planning meetings and strategic sessions vital for their growth, and in challenging times, survival.
The planning meeting will only last three hours; after lunch, our sales team will focus on more practical issues; we will really look into what is essential for an essential construction industry marketing program.

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