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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Recruiting visibility

I took these images at the highly visible walkway connecting Union Station to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto. Here may be a relevant page from PCL's website.

Yesterday, as I walked from the convention centre to Toronto's Union Station -- the main central railway hub -- I noticed something intriguing; an office for PCL Constructors with a mural poster advertising career opportunities for the employee-owned business. "What could this be?" I asked, as I stopped, pulled out my digital camera and took some pictures. How short is the supply of superintendents, project managers and the like in the GTA? Is this highly visible recruiting advertising effective? How much did it cost?"

I suppose if I were one of my company's sales team I would have done the logical next thing -- entered the office and asked some questions. But, through experience, I know the right person to ask -- the communications/marketing specialist at PCL's Toronto office -- so will forward a copy of this blog entry and images to her. (I certainly didn't need permission to take the pictures -- they were in a totally public area!)

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