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Friday, May 16, 2008

Employee blogs

Two of this company's employees, Daniel Smith and Chase, have started their own blogs. Both have qualities that define people who are great at sales and who are suited to this business's culture -- they have a reasonably competitive and individualistic spirit but can see beyond themselves. I certainly don't require nor expect anyone working in this company to start a blog; blogging is something you should do if you enjoy it, not for any immediate return. Still, I enjoy peeking into their contributions because they are certainly not following (my) corporate script and I can learn from them.

Daniel has two blogs, one personal at and the second more closely related to our business, at the second, Tracking Construction Trends, at Daniel has discovered that Google's Blogger allows you to set up several blogs on one console; I've used this facility to create one page blogs to address highly specific issues while we rebuild our websites. His writing is evocative, informative and fun. You'll enjoy for example, Filtering Through Online Information Overload To Find The Gems Worth Reading (Part 1.5)

Meanwhile, Chase recently moved his blog to Blogger as well, at His recent postings, Tracking Value for Your Client: How to do it effectively (Part I) and "Show me the Value!" "Show me the Value Jerry!" - Tracking Value for your client part 2 are inspiring articles which support clients and show how you can find more business through advertising.

Is blogging worthwhile? I'm noticing some marketing consultants, members of the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS), have revitalized or restored earlier blog efforts -- and new blogs relevant to the theme of Construction Marketing Ideas are launched with increasing frequency. This means my blogroll is getting longer. You'll especially enjoy reading Tim Klabunde's CofeBuz -- the Marketing and Business Blog (he recently referenced one of my blog entries) and Ford Harding's postings. I also enjoy Craig Galati's Heart of Business and recently Bernie Siben reactivated his BuiltEnvironment Blog.

If you know of other blogs relevant to construction marketing, please let me know. I'll be happy to add relevant blogs to the listings.


Daniel Smith said...


Thanks for the links and the kind words.

While I am obviously very new to blogging, my thoughts are that the value needs to be (at least at first) purely for oneself.

If you're blogging to see immediate tangible results, or to get rich, you will surely get discouraged with the phenomenon of writing so many words for so few people at first!

Having said that, I have already been able to leverage my blogs for networking purposes in small ways, so I can see the effort being worth it in the long run (and even if no business ever came of it, I would be fine with that because I am truly blogging for the love of writing first and foremost.)

Nice post.


Anonymous said...


It's great to see people who not only get the point of blogging, but promote it within their firms and with their peers.

Congratulations to both Daniel and Chase on their entry into the blogging world. I'll have to be sure to re-post their links on the MorganSullivan Blog.


John Rainone
Project Operations Manager

Construction Marketing Ideas said...

John, I appreciate your comment (and, so have Daniel and Chase, as related to me in emails and in Chase's own blog reference).