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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The quality of the experience

In a recent blog entry, consultant Bernie Siben makes this important point:

"The quality of the work experience can be a bigger differentiator than the quality of the work product."

He writes:

Think of any service your firm performs, and let's assume you do high-quality work. The quality of your work differentiates you from other firms that don't produce the same high-quality product.
Now, it is pretty much a "given" that there will be at least one other firm in your market that provides the same service at a similar level of quality as your firm -- perhaps at the same price or better -- perhaps on the same schedule or faster. What
differentiates your firm from that other firm?
What makes your firm the obvious selection in a market where two or three firms can provide the same work product at the same quality for the same price in the same timeframe? The difference lies in the quality of the work experience. Are you more fun to work with than another firm? Do you give your clients a stronger sense of "all bases are covered, you can sleep nights while we're on the job!"?
That's a very powerful differentiator!

This is absolutely true, and I think the effect of the experience quality is multiplied in large, complex, projects, involving hours (days/weeks) of interaction and communication. Sure, the technical competence between two organizations may be the same, but if you enjoy the experience with one more than the other -- in fact if you enjoy it so much that it creates a degree of 'wow' in your mind -- will you more likely use that business again, or recommend it to others?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with the points you make, bravo. Often time’s client management is not just about the day to day operations of the project but also developing a personal relationship with the client which fosters a mutual respect and trust. A laugh or amusing anecdote can go allot farther than you might think, just for starters...

John Rainone
Project Operations Manager
MorganSullivan, Inc.