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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Toronto Construction Association members' day

Today, for the ninth year in a row, I attended the Toronto Construction Association's annual Members' Day. The event combines some education, some business opportunities, and some socializing -- with a free lunch and no-cost exhibit space for members. The theme this year: Environmental opportunities -- with both challenges and business potential through environmentally-sensitive construction.

I burned some carbon to fly in from Ottawa , but think overall the world is better for events such as the Members' Day -- a concept other associations might wish to consider. So much association time and money is spent on fund-raising, solicitation, and selling, that it is a treat and brand image builder to say: "Forget the expense -- we'll take care of everything" for a change. So no one is expected to pay for the barbeque meal; and exhibitors are not required to pay for their table top display space; and if any selling is done, it is with members gently encouraging each other to do business with their organizations.

In the last decade much has changed, of course. I sit in Air Canada' s Maple Leaf Lounge indulging in the luxuries of first class travel (on a cheap ticket, I am not about to waste the company's money), listening to Clem Tholet's old Rhodesian songs over the Internet via wireless as I write this blog entry. A decade ago, the concept of taking a 'day trip' to another city seemed totally unique and adventurous, and while we knew the Internet would have a place in our lives, we could never have predicted the way things have turned out.)

Nevetheless, it is good that some traditions continue, and I hope to be able to attend the TCA Members' Day in another decade -- and the association will continue to thrive and grow as it serves its community with creativity and traditional perspectives.

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