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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Travelling days

I'm in Sault. Ste. Marie now on the first of four days travel this week that will also take me also to Thunder Bay and Timmins. The travel is happening because of a confluence of circumstances: Our son Eric is at summer camp, Air Canada offers a "fly anytime, anywhere, in Ontario, at one fixed price" pass, and we are in the mist of hiring a new editor and don't have our network of freelance writers set up yet for the Northern Ontario Construction News. And, of course, Leslie Greenwood here completed her sales work so effectively that, indeed, there are advertising features to research and write -- five altogether -- requiring the stories to be written.

I expect I'll gather many subjective insights and lots of material for the blog this week but my entries will be fewer and less detailed than usual; while most hotels now have high speed Internet, the time spent 'getting around' (and the writing for the papers I must do) depletes blogging energy.

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