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Saturday, September 13, 2008

The cornerstones of construction marketing success

If you are passionate and excellent at what you do -- and your organization reflects these values -- you'll succeed in marketing your services by reaching out within your community and sharing these competencies with previous, current and potential clients. These are two of the four cornerstones of Construction Marketing success.

Are you looking for a simple, easy-to-understand and implement formula for construction marketing success? Here it is.

Consider these essential foundation cornerstones:
  1. You must passionately enjoy and be really good at what you do -- and these values must be shared by your employees, contractors and suppliers.
  2. You must reach out into the community of your previous, current and previous clients and share with generosity and a positive spirit your competence and helpfulness.
  3. Your business must observe the best practices and principals of all successful enterprises -- combining innovation, systematization and accountability.
That's it. Three simple points -- and their implementation will be easy if you can overcome inertia and, if necessary, make some hard and painful decisions to remove barriers thwarting your passion, competence, and connections.

Why are you virtually certain to succeed if you respect this formula? If you really enjoy your work, and you are really are good at it, your clients indeed will be more than satisfied -- they will be overjoyed -- to recommend your services to others. So you have a natural edge in any competition.

Then, by reaching out to your community with good will and your expertise, you cement your business and its image among the people who are most likely to purchase your services. And you can have fun doing his -- by reflecting your passions and interests (and encouraging your employees to do the same.)

To be successful, your business must be run like a business -- you need to ensure that the various processes and procedures within your company are effectively managed so you earn a fair profit for your work, your employees either get the message or leave, and you can count on everyone knowing how to handle both the routine and unexpected.

None of the three elements involves great expense or stress. But they are effective.

What is the fourth cornerstone?
4. You'll find it in the intangibles of spirituality and fate. Luck, the higher power, your religious faith; the inevitability of change and life all have a place in the story -- you can't control these qualities, but you know they will work well for you when you respect the three other cornerstones.

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