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Sunday, September 14, 2008

An impressive introduction

Recent postings from "Remodel Bud" on the forums are attracting interest -- he is stirring the pot with some forceful and thoughtful interpretations on the best ways to sell and attract business in the retail contracting market.

"Remodel Bud" hasn't identified himself by name in his postings, but a blog at his Virginia-based site identifies as the contact email address for business consulting services. The writer says: "My proudest accomplishment was turning a company losing money year after year, to the most profitable branch in the nation with a National Home Improvement Company."
This company presumably is Champion Window and Patio Room based in Cincinnati, OH, listed as the second largest U.S. remodeling contractor in Qualified Remodeler magazine, with sales volume of $334.8 million.

You can see some of his interesting threads here:

Generate sales, just one way

Sales Training Instruction
and Sales Instruction Part 2

Do I agree with everything he says? Well, he advocates that salespeople should all be on pure commission. This may be rational for his business -- and yours -- but there is a solid counter-argument here if you wish to encourage an environment of consultative and ongoing relationships; providing you have solid and stringent hiring and performance accountability criteria.

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