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Monday, April 13, 2009

Coffee and Gossip (Courtesy Ford Harding)

Maybe Bestline Plumbing in Los Angeles won't win web page design awards (neither will I!), but Leonard Megliola is one of my panel of experts that knows his stuff. This "would you marry a plumber" image is from his website. I will meet him tomorrow.

One of the best things about this blog is that it has allowed me to develop relationships with some really competent people. Reflecting my business, I have an interdisciplinary approach. I'm looking forward to rolling up on my rented CBR 600 to meet Leonard Megliola at Bestline Plumbing in Los Angeles tomorrow; equally, I've enjoyed many dialogues with Harvard graduate and rainmaking guru Ford Harding.

If you are intimidated by power, you should read Harding's latest blog entry where he suggests the best way to capture the ideas and minds of CEOs is to have coffee (or maybe network through with their subordinates.

Great marketers of course learn to relate across cultural, geographical and economic lines to achieve their business objectives. Paradoxically, the best way to succeed is to be yourself and do what you enjoy doing. I'll never be a championship motorcycle racer, but today enjoyed the experience of riding through the Malibu Canyon on a powerful machine that burns $7.50 in premium gas if I use the entire tank. (And yes it is a legitimate business expense as my wife and son will be using the personally-rented car while I am doing business tomorrow -- though I will rebate the cash cost of the rental back to the company as it is unfair to abuse this mixture of business and pleasure.)


Seth Holdren said...

Mark, I had no idea you were a motorcycle guy! Awesome...never would have guessed. Do you own a bike back home? I'm currently "between bikes" but I have had 3 Hondas in the past: a 1982 CM 450E, a 1984 Goldwing Standard, and a rat-like 1983 CB750 chopped with a custom tank. I am jealous that you're riding today. Oh yeah, and I better not forget to say "Construction Marketing." ;)Have fun riding!

Construction Marketing Ideas said...

Seth, thanks for your note.

I've had bikes at various times -- most recently (sold it about four years ago) a Kawa ZX-6R. The rental is an indulgence; the experience is sharpening my desire to improve the business so I can truly afford the toy again.