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Monday, April 06, 2009

Selling 101

This thread, Selling 101, starts off with a simple question:

I'd like to learn sales. What are some of the basic things that separate a good salesman from a bad one? Any good book recommendations would be helpful as well.
Responses range from the simple to the complex.

I suggest that the contractor who, in good times, "relied" on referrals and repeat business is actually in the best place to succeed through effective marketing and selling. The reason: If your underlying business practices are healthy, if clients truly enjoy doing business with you, you avoid the uphill battle of constantly having to fight for new business as clients generate referral and repeat orders.

But you still need to learn the basics, and you need to have the persistence to overcome the initial problem. No doubt about it, when you have to market or sell directly -- rather than rely on referrals -- you will seem to have to work much harder for much poorer results. But you will still be in business when conditions improve.

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