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Thursday, April 23, 2009

The sixth annual Ontario General Contractors Association Symosium

Here is an electronic copy of the Ontario Construction Report's preview report about the OGCA Symposium

In a few minutes, I'll begin a seven hour drive to Collingwood, Ontario, for the sixth annual Ontario General Contractors' Association (OGCA) Construction Symposium. This rather unique educational conference, which will attract more than 500 general contractors and associated businesses from throughout the province, is a great example of how networking, education, associations, and business development and marketing can be concentrated to create highly effective results.

This year, representing the importance of the event (and the central place of the OGCA in our marketing strategy), our company is one of two Platinum Sponsors for the event, and three of us will attend -- myself, Cindy Pilgrim and Chase. (You can reach them by email by clicking on their names.) I'll be the chief reporter and writer, and am bringing both my digital and video cameras along.

In the business-to-business community especially, associations are often the most effective environment for marketing. For our business, along with others who truly need to reach general contractors to achieve our marketing objectives, this symposium is a near perfect marketing opportunity. We can achieve branding 'presence' but more importantly, have much opportunity for direct interaction and communication with current, former, and potential clients. The sponsorship support and active engagement of many suppliers and participants also keeps the costs for OGCA members low enough that they can easily justify the cost of attending the intensive event.

If you are at the symposium, and wish to share stories, concerns, or insights, please feel free to email me at I'll text back my cell number and we'll get together. Depending on Internet access limitations at the resort, I'll do my best to communicate some updates as the day progresses, especially tomorrow, though will be 'quiet' during the long drive there today.

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