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Sunday, June 21, 2009

More on Branding, eh

Marty Neumeier has a simple equation for successful branding

T = r + d

Trust equals reliability plus delight

This formula is the essence of successful brand building.

Great branding is not about logos, advertising campaigns, your website, or anything like that, except to a truly tiny degree. (These things are important when you have a really big business, but the time and energy you spend on the "reliability" and "delight" with your current and previous clients should be an order of magnitude greater than the time you spend on your typical "branding" efforts.)

So, to build a great brand:

  • Return your calls promptly;
  • Deliver "wow" service to your clients;
  • Keep your job sites clean every day (and when you are done for the day, especially);
  • Contribute to your community in meaningful ways (the community of your clients, of course);
  • Respect privacy (if you really wish to canvass, telemarket, or use bulk email, consider the risks before moving forward);
  • Treat your employees with respect, as you expect them to treat their clients and peers with respect;
  • Send thank you notes;
  • Go the extra mile to be thoughtful;
  • Have fun with your work (if you do, your clients will sense your passion).
Then you can get your logo "just right", have an effective website, and design advertising campaigns that attract results.

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