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Saturday, June 20, 2009

More on measuring in the AEC Community

As I concluded work on the SMPS Marketer article, some people in my network added some interesting insights to the story. One person, in an off-the-record email, described how his company's principals believe their marketing success correlates to certain economic indicators, but their "gut" feelings -- which seem to make sense logically -- fail to actually correlate with measurable results. Yet, in the same email, he questioned the validity of many assumptions within the industry because they are often set within a narrow or specific frame of reference.

(I will post the full article when it is published within the next couple of months.)

Scott Mickle gave me permission to "pull" his article: Value vs. Cost: How to Make Your Marketing Profitable which explains in a simple way how to develop a process to measure your marketing effectiveness. You can retrieve it by following this link.

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