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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sales talk and real communication

Today, I received an email from a business person seeking to develop a relationship with us. The text read like canned content and had the aura of hype. Unfortunately, for the person sending this email to me, I had some information which would not help his cause.

Conversely, yesterday, Daniel Smith reported to me that a project that appeared to be unfeasible because of lack of interest from potential advertisers/clients had suddenly sprung to life. Daniel had managed to draft a "final opportunity" letter totally devoid of hype or "sales talk". It read softly while giving readers enough information to decide, if they wish, to spend several thousand dollars. Several did.

I wish I could pin down where sales talk-writing ends and genuine communication begins. It isn't easy. Sometimes persuasive marketing messages follow the standard cliches, but most of the time they succeed with a degree of authenticity based on real communication rather than canned language and scripts.

When you find this type of formula, your construction marketing will succeed; when you follow the path of least resistance and turn into a stereotyped selling machine, many if not most of your potential clients will run for the hills.

So, stop "selling" and start communicating.

I'll write more about this topic tomorrow at the real Construction Marketing Ideas blog.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

There is no substitute for authenticity, especially in today's world.