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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Construction Marketing Ideas book

An impressive number of orders continue to arrive each day for the new Construction Marketing Ideas book. If you order from Amazon (click on left) the wholesale orders are fulfilled from our printers and I don't have any interaction with you (and the book-purchasing process is truly seamless.)

If you would like a more personal touch, you can order the book directly from our business at the "real" Construction Marketing Ideas blog.  The price may be a little higher (though it includes shipping both in Canada and the U.S.) but you'll be able to connect directly with me if you wish and I can autograph your copy.

You can also order the book directly from me as a PDF file for a price lower than any of the other options.  

You can browse the book at Amazon but may find Google Books provides a more satisfying experience.  The sample at Google Books is set to allow you access to 1/5 of the book's contents -- enough, I believe, to allow you to see if the content is relevant and useful for your business.

Of course you are guaranteed 100 per cent satisfaction or we'll refund you money in full.

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