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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Your community service construction marketing perspective

Can you measure the value to your business of community service, association participation and generosity?  These questions are not always easy to answer with a direct return on your construction marketing investment matrix.  We do good deeds and contribute to the community because we truly care. It is cynical and insincere to work with an ulterior business-development motive.  In fact, in conversations with non-profit organization leaders, they often tell me about their frustration with salespeople and business developers purportedly "generously" offering some surplus merchandise with the expectation of significant public recognition for their contribution, which (in the eyes of the recipient) is less than useful.

 These thoughts come to mind as I prepare to spend several hours (and a few hundred dollars) flying to Toronto tomorrow for a SMPS Ontario Chapter board of directors meeting.  While I've enjoyed some wonderful relationships and true friendships from the SMPS community, the direct "return on investment" in actual business from other SMPS members is hardly something to write home about.  In fact, some members downright object to the special feature profiles and advertising supplements, which continue to provide the bulk of our business income.

Yet the SMPS participation "works" in a most fundamental way -- it helps differentiate our business from the other publishers out there doing the same thing, but who do not offer the depth and respect for the people truly paying the bills--the advertisers.  While most of our clients don't take full advantage of the consulting and support services available to them, the chemistry is different when our  business leadership is able show true expertise and effectiveness at marketing -- and suggest practical, low-cost ideas for effective business development.

If you are looking for a wealth of resources relating to business development and marketing, certainly consider joining the SMPS chapter in your area.  If you are in Ontario, hopefully we'll see each other soon.

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