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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Your most effective construction marketing idea

If you are seeking the most effective construction marketing idea, one that is sure to help your business succeed, here it is:  Take a look at your most valuable and appreciated current clients -- and then think about where they "hang out".  Your marketing challenge:  To be with them, where they are and where they want to be, in context of others who might themselves be suitable clients.

This an idea that adapts to your business, your clients and your budget.

For example, your clients may belong and participate in associations dedicated to their industry, cause, or neighbourhood.  Can you, too, get involved, perhaps as a member of the same group.  They might be interested in cultural or charitable activities.  Can you lend a hand?

They may enjoy sporting activities and events.  Can you (if conflict of interest rules don't bar it) obtain box seats at major league games they would love to attend -- with friends, colleagues and others who might also want to do business with you.

These initiatives have something simple in common:   Fuelling a combination of good-will and referral and testimonial dynamics, in a humane, respectful and "non selling" mind-set.

The budget can be sizable (major league box suite rentals are not inexpensive) or virtually nothing (community and charitable events, especially if you are willing to contribute sweat equity or help in fund-raising (not your own money) don't require much cash at all.

This is direct, responsive and respectful marketing.

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