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Sunday, August 26, 2012

My social media book for construction marketing is now available through a diversity of channels.  You can find it on Google Books, Amazon, the IStore, Barnes and Noble, and a bunch of other places.  The only way you cannot order it is directly from me, unless you are have been an advertiser in one of our construction publications or previously purchased the Construction Marketing Ideas book.  In that case, you can email and I will send you a link to where you can obtain your free copy.  (Easiest way to find the book on the various channels is to type in the search words "buckshon" and "social" and you'll find it soon enough!)

If you wish, I can present the observations developed in the book to your group in a 20 minute feed by Skype, Google + Hangout, or if you wish to cover travel costs, in person.  (You can see a sample presentation, sans audio, on

Your reviews and comments are welcome.

Most online services allow you to view substantial portions of the book free so you can be confident it is right for you before purchasing.

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