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Monday, August 06, 2012

Project Implicit: Does it have some explicit relevance for construction marketing?

Harvard's Project Implicit touches on some rather powerful processes in our minds.  How do we think, form our prejudices, and do these perceptions influence our decisions and choices in life.  It seems the "stereotypes" are real -- at least from the perspective of how we perceive and react intuitively to things.

Lots of touchy stuff here including religion, sexuality, gender, and the implications for our values and sometimes careers.  The tool within the test allows you to see how you "react" and then how your perceptions compare to the norms.

I cannot extrapolate the observations here to specific suggestions and influences regarding our construction marketing decisions, but one thing I can see is that the stereotypes, regardless of our efforts to be fair, open an inclusive, still shape our society and our economic and political decisions.  Try a few tests for yourself and see how you do.

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