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Friday, June 15, 2007

Number one on MSN

In the world of "search engine optimization" we've achieved number one placement on the MSN (Microsoft) Search Engine, Type in the words "Construction Marketing" even without the quotes, and the Construction Marketing Ideas blog appears first.

Our ranking is not so high on Google -- you can get to the blog through first page listings of some of my articles and newspaper websites.

While MSN is the third ranking search engine, it still is a significant driver of website traffic.

Why is the search engine ranking so important? An increasing percentage of web users define their inquiries from the search engines. If you can achieve top placement for your business under categories relevant to your company, you'll see a noticeable increase in inquiries and interest.

There are tools, techniques, methodologies and strategies to achieve higher search engine ranking, and specialist businesses provide guidance and support in this area. However, underlying the strategies is a basic principal that your website needs to be relevant, useful, and interesting. If it is, you can enhance your position with the search engines.

How do you find connections and contacts to achieve these standards? I'm not qualified yet to give you clear answers -- because I have just concluded (through reference through our general business consultants) the selection process for a web design/strategy consultant. However, I expect that in the next few months I'll have more practical tips and suggestions in this area.

In the meantime, even though this blog is not intentionally designed to lead in the search process, we are getting there -- and have achieved that number one spot, at least on one major search engine.

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