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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Old and new marketing
The story behind this old roller ad is not clear, but the message is undeniable -- business-to-business advertising for construction products and services is nothing new; the question is whether the professionalism and effectiveness is there.
Tomorrow and Friday, I'll be attending the Future of Online Advertising Conference in New York City and will probably (assuming that wireless Internet is readily available at the conference center) blog several times during the conference.
How will I apply the insights at this conference to our own business? Here, the answer is less clear. At our planning meeting yesterday, we budgeted some money for website rebuilding and design, but put these expenses forward in the fiscal year -- in other words, while the improvements are important, we decided they can wait a while. This is partly because our business still collects more than 90 per cent of its revenue the old-fashioned-way, and partly because we don't want to rush carelessly into changes that just make things worse.
The consensus at the meeting is this blog and my bi-weekly electronic newsletter give us some windows to the future and should continue and be enhanced; and we will also engage in consulting services (low-cost) to rethink our website appearance, design and functionality. We also agreed that online advertising is truly beginning to change processes and practices especially where immediate response is expected or required.
Nevertheless, while I doubt I'll make immediate changes in our business after the conference Thursday and Friday, I'm sure I will have a much better grasp of the issues and concerns that we need to understand better.

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