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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Google keyword tool

The Google Adwords Keyword Tool is a useful resource in defining your online marketing, both directly in determining which key words you should use for your Google paid advertising and, more importantly, understanding which search terms result in inquiries, and how many arise.

For example, I keyed "construction marketing" and discovered that last month 8,100 searches used these words (a significant increase from the average of just above 5,000.)

The tool offered insights into 'traffic' for other related keyword combinations, ranging from an indication that "marketing construction services" attracted 320 inquiries last month, to "marketing to construction" on average attracts 58 inquiries in a month.

The tool also you to enter a web page URL to find keywords related to the content on the page. Here we find "small business" attracted a whopping 3,350,000 search inquires last month (a big jump from the norm) and "construction job" attracted a million inquiries. Not surprisingly, if you use these high demand keywords you will pay a small fortune for an effective campaign -- I tested out one option, and found if I were to pay for the words for top billing, I would need a budget of about $4,000 a day -- for one keyword combination.

On the other hand, you can use this tool to narrow your focus; your goal is to find search terms relevant to your business, with reasonably high visitors, and reasonably low competition. Of course, you can get obsessed with this stuff and forget what really matters -- the quality AND quantity of response. Designing your site so it contains lots of relevant content that truly matches the keywords you expect people will seek in learning about your business, and building a site so good that it attracts back links and repeat businesses, will do a whole lot more for than simply analyzing the keywords.

And yes, this posting will (legitimately) boost keyword relevance for the words that matter here.

(Thanks to Tinner666 at for the tip that leads to this posting.)

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