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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Seasons Greetings

seassons greetings lantern
From the most recent issue of the Construction Marketing Ideas newsletter

As Christmas arrives and we prepare for the New Year, we remember 2008's tumultuous economic crisis, which may be the start of a long and painful recession.

Some say we should see things through a positive perspective and banish the bad news from our minds. I'm a firm believer in realism, and believe that you can adapt yourself to even the most difficult situations.

For example, yesterday, in reviewing our newspapers January issue proofs, I noticed the first word of a headline: "Negative".

"We've got to take that negative out," I told our editor. Digging into my writers' mental toolbox, I found an alliterative option, "Flagging" -- appropriate because the story is about how our company paid $400 to help a contractor put an Ottawa Senators hockey logo flag on a crane at a local school project.

When things are tough, does it make sense to spend money on custom-made flags? Absolutely. Marketing that connects you to your clients and your community is always a wise investment, especially in an environment where you cannot rely passively on referrals and repeat business.

When you think creatively, you can find opportunities all around you. Focus your marketing on your previous and current clients, and the communities where they connect (like relevant associations), and you'll find you can attract and retain business even when things look gloomy elsewhere.

Best wishes for the Holiday Season and Happy New Year!

Mark Buckshon
Construction News and Report Group of Companies
P.S. You will find value in reading this article, The Death of Salesmen, which reminds us that one of the least wise marketing decisions you can make is to try to win business by lowering your price. It also shows how flawed Internet marketing practices can harm your credibility and effectiveness.

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