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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Gift cards and innovative marketing from Jefferson City, MO

The credit-card format Gift Card from Handyman Solutions in Jefferson County MO is an innovative marketing approach -- you can set the amount, deadlines, and determine distribution of this business-building resource; and in case you are worried about costs, Jesse Kirchoff's suppliers can design and produce 5,000 of these cards for $240.00.

You will want to visit the website of Handyman Solutions in Jefferson County, MO, and then take things a step further in reviewing the depth of Jesse Kirchhoff''s marketing ideas.

He reports in this thread in about his initiative to develop gift cards.

These are given to clients, prospects, and suppliers or affiliated organizations where he has a relationship. His wife operates a travel agency so, naturally, he can give his clients a gift card from her agency; he invites his suppliers to give the cards to people who might be worthy of referrals.

He is experimenting with expiry dates to see if a short usage deadline encourages faster usage.

How much does this initiative cost?
I paid $100 for design cost and $65 for printing and rush shipping on 1,000 cards. (rush shipping was a joke don't spend the extra money.)

2,500 qty. would be $90.00 or 5,000 qty. would be $140.00. I give out Leisure Time Travel and Maid Solutions gift cards to every new client and they do the same for me and each other.

I would love it if my subs would get some made and I could give interested clients their gift cards as well. The client feels like we "hooked them up" and the subs gain a sale through us....its a win win and everybody feels warm and fuzzy.
You'll also find Kirchhoff''s web site impressive for its usage of many effective marketing approaches; he for example states clearly his fees -- and reasons for them -- and outlines the advantages and use of his services; and these appear to me to be highly sustainable even in a recession.

Here is the back side of the Handyman Solutions gift card:

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