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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The wrong way to market

Is this the right way to market?

Listen to this advice from a sales guru who advocates door-knocking canvassing posted in this thread.

Never leave a card with people that schedule Phil (Rea) says because they may call to cancel, only leave it with those who don't schedule. Where a large badge that says soliciting and if you need a permit use it as the badge either way the bigger a badge the more trusting you seem to be.
In other words, push yourself in the possible client's face, set an appointment, and make it so hard to cancel that you can show up and high pressure them into signing a contract..... And wear a big badge to win 'trust'.

Sure, is this really the right way to build a solid business built on integrity, respect, and solid referrals?

There are better ways.

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