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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thoughts before traveling

As I prepare to head to the airport for a couple of days of travel to Washington and Toronto, Las Vegas architect Craig Galati reminds me in his blog posting Stay on the Right Side of some of the defining qualities that allow so-called traditional businesses to survive, even thrive, in the Internet age.

Among his points, Galati notes:

Sell empathy, not just services. Clients get offers for services every day. However, businesses do not often enough take the time to understand what the client needs and if the firm can meet those needs. Developing empathy takes time, but is essential to making the right offer to your clients.
Absolutely. Businesses need systems, technologies, processes, and procedures -- and clients expect value for their money. But you lose something if you fail to understand the underlying human connection and respect for the individual, both within your own business, and in the larger community around you.

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