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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Time, money and value

Do you deliver real value, with minimal cost at lowest time commitments -- both for your marketing, and your clients' interests/ You have a marketing (and business) home run. If you need trade-offs in the equation, you can still succeed but be wary of the risks, especially if everything appears to be going okay, but someone offers another alternative that reduces time and money costs -- for relatively the same value.

You forget the the balance of time, money and value at your peril -- both in your initial construction industry marketing, and in your ongoing business operations. Your success in marketing will be highest if you can show the highest value for the least amount of time (effort) and money. You will be facing an uphill battle if your business practices consume much time and money, and these are not offset by the actual value at the receiving end.

Most of us -- and most businesses -- most of the time are seeking to receive lots of money and value (quality of life) for the least amount of time (effort). So credible marketing messages which offer you loads of value in exchange for little or no money (cost) are most likely to be successful. Conversely, marketing which is intrusive and irritating (consider really bad door-to-door canvassing or telemarketing) must be packaged carefully to sell stuff to the gullible or where really high value can be created -- both for the sales reps (in income) and in the clients' minds (in terms of value, at least as long as they have money to spend.)

In your marketing, and your business operations, you must always appreciate these forces. If you can reduce the cost in terms of time and money for your marketing -- or even better your clients' perceptions, and increase the end-result value of your efforts, you will succeed. Remember these costs and advantages must be measured both internally in your own business operations, and (most importantly) from your current and prospective clients' perspectives. You will probably find most of your marketing -- and business -- failures occur when you fail to appreciate these balances.

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