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Sunday, September 06, 2009

The blook, blog, and twitter

Over the past week, I've been posting a "chapter a day" of my upcoming Construction Marketing Ideas book on Twitter.

In case you are wondering how I could write such a short book (as you only have 140 characters in each Twitter posting), the answer is I post a link to a Google docs site where each chapter is stored.

The book is not visible on search engines, nor am I providing links from this blog; you need to be following me on Twitter to receive the chapters.

Why do it this way? Part of the reason is to learn more about the effective use of Twitter in marketing; I know some people are achieving interesting results here but have yet to find the secret to Twitter success.

On the other hand, 18 months ago, I was virtually the only blogger in the Construction Marketing space; now the number of new blogs has accelerated to a velocity that makes it hard for me to keep up with new arrivals, let alone to respond to the inbound inquiries arriving in my in-box especially on weekdays (thankfully it is quieter on the weekend, especially long weekends.)

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